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Creating a perfect system image:
1. Press [F9] during bootup (requires a Recovery Partition)2. Press [Enter] to select Windows Setup [EMS Enabled]3. Read the “ASUS Preload Wizard” screen and click Next.4. Select a partition option and click Next. Partition options:Recover Windows to first partition only.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery process.
6. Remove Bloatware
7. Install, update and configure all of your softwares
8. Move user data such as My Documents to D:\ drive

Creating a full system backup (Hard drive Image) using Windows 7 Recovery
1. Go to My Computer
2. Navigate to Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore
3. On the left hand side, click "Create a system image"
4. Save the backup on D:\ drive, external hard drive, or a network storage (another computer)

For extra safety, a "Windows 7 Repair Disk" can be loaded on the hard in case the windows 7 recovery partition fails.
1. Download a copy of Windows 7 64bit Repair Disk (if your Asus UL30 comes with 32bit OS, download the 32bit repair disk)

  1. Download the appropriate .torrent file from above that corresponds to the version of double glazed Windows 7 you have installed.
  2. Download and run µTorrent.
  3. Open the .torrent file you downloaded with µTorrent. (File -> Add Torrent)
  4. Select where you want µTorrent to save the 7 Recovery Disc.
  5. Wait for it to download.

2. Download EasyBCD

3. Install it in Windows
4. Click the "Add New Entry" button
5. Under the Portable/External Media, select ISO Boot
6. Name: anything you want here, (it will appear in the bootmenu)
7. Mode: Run from Disk
8. Path: Find the .iso disk image downloaded from step one
9. Add Entry

To restore image
1. Turn on Computer
2. Press F8 and select Repair your Computer
2b. If you created dualboot with Windows 7 Repair Disk, Select that option
3. Select your keyboard language
3b. If you completed step 2. Enter your password for an administrator account
4. Select System Image Recovery
5. Select your system image
6. Restore

To get run your backup image without restoring in the event of system failure
You just complete these steps:
1. Run EasyBCD
2. Click Add New Entry
3. Under Portable/External Media, click Virtual Disk
4. Input the name and specify the path to your .vhd backup image.
(.vhd image should be under
X:\WindowsImageBackup\Computername\Backup YYYY-MM-DD xxxxx)
5. Click add entry

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